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Teachers and tutors who provide instruction online face additional challenges; keeping students’ attention in a traditional classroom is difficult, and working online can make it even harder for instructors to keep students engaged in the lesson and establish a personal connection.

The following steps are effective ways to establish a relationship with online students, increase student engagement and ensure that digital lessons are transformed into valuable, meaningful experiences.

Parents and instructors alike can benefit from tuning into their students’ response and adjusting the environment to be accommodating, comfortable and promote active learning.

Encourage Communication

Teachers and tutors should strive to make sure students are actively participating in the class. The only way to truly gauge comprehension in an online setting is to openly discuss and engage with students over the course material.

Communication occurs through conversation, not simply tests and exercises. Communication also helps build trust and confidence, making students more likely to ask questions and engage more later.

Choose the Right Platform

Teachers and parents of students should strive to choose a platform that feels natural, welcoming and intuitive. The right online tutoring platform will make learning easy and fun for students while being convenient and accommodating for instructors.

There should be limited but powerful ways for students to engage with the lesson, such as interactive games and lessons that allow students to physically connect with their coursework and get personalized feedback.

Minimize Distractions

There should be no TV, radio or distracting backgrounds when giving a lesson. Children who are taking online lessons should be in a quiet space without any disruption, including family moving in the background, younger siblings intruding or any other electronics.

Many students and online teachers are often separated by time zones, so cultivating an environment that creates a sense of continuity is essential to student success. This means that instructors should have a designated workspace and avoid any loud noises or interruptions during lessons.

Incorporate a Reward System

Reward systems with online tutors and teachers can make students feel accomplished, encourage hard work and make the experience more memorable. Incentivizing students while offering positive reinforcement for both good behavior and effort will ensure that online students feel connected to their instructor and truly remember the content they’re being taught.