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Teacher evaluations are a necessary component of the educational system. Although these evaluations are valuable, they can cause a lot of stress. Many teachers view evaluations as a potential danger to their career and future. Below are helpful tips to reduce the amount of angst that everyone involved might experience.

Ask About the Rubric

It’s helpful if teachers know the rubric that will be used for the evaluation because it enables you to understand the basis for the outcome. Instead of being surprised on the back end, you should know the focus of administrators, such as the specific skills they will gauge.

Inform the Students

Students should be well aware of the evaluation process. They should understand what’s happening and when it will occur. You should also encourage students to be on their best behavior. It wouldn’t hurt if you practiced an evaluation because it can help them relax when the actual evaluation occurs.

Prepare the Classroom

Distractions in the classroom are not just caused by people, they can also be the result of the surroundings. A great way to minimize this issue is by cleaning the room and removing any clutter. There shouldn’t be anything around to distract the administrators or anyone else.

Maintain Flexibility

As the evaluation process progresses, expect that things may change. If the evaluation date is rescheduled, maintain flexibility instead of getting frustrated with the process. This will ensure you maintain the right mindset for success. If you have prepared a lesson for the evaluation, simply reschedule it to align with the new evaluation date.

Receive Feedback Openly

Hopefully the feedback that you receive is constructive criticism. Keep in mind that the goal isn’t for you to have a negative outcome, but to grow in the areas needed. Everyone has room for improvement and we must all be open to personal and professional development. After you receive feedback on the evaluation, a simple thank you can go a long way, especially if the feedback is useful.

These tips can help to make teacher evaluations less stressful. It’s also important to keep in mind that you are part of a noble profession that can literally shape the world. When you win, everyone wins.