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Education is the basis of life, and some children may struggle with grasping concepts that will be needed as they move on through their years of schooling and into adulthood. As a parent, it is your job to recognize when your child is struggling and get them the help they need. Whether it is extra assistance in or out of the classroom, you need to understand their disturbance with learning and make a plan for a different approach. Although there are many reasons to hire a tutor for your child, here are clear signs that this may need to be the next step to ensure success in schooling.

Your Child Can Not Stay Focused

Many children struggle with staying focused in the classroom with other children, so they may miss important information being taught and this can transfer over to distractions at home during homework time. A tutor has the ability to help a child stay focused and steer their attention back to the work that they are completing. Tutors have the freedom to create custom games and other activities that a child may like in order to keep them on task. Children learn better when they can be engaged with the lesson. This is hard to accomplish in a classroom setting with many other students, so hiring a tutor can bring this interactive form of education to your child.

Grades Are Decreasing

Although most parents don’t run to a tutor at the sign of a failing grade, it is a sign that a tutor may need to be put in place eventually. If a child is struggling in a class, outside help may be needed since their normal way of learning isn’t working. If your child has a failing grade, you should not panic, but instead get to the root of the issue and then decide if tutoring should be your next step. Both long term and short term tutors can help with this problem once you sit down with your child and figure out the appropriate next steps.

Lack of Confidence

Every child learns at their own pace, but that does not mean that the ones who learn slower are any less smart than the ones that grasp concepts more quickly. The issue is regular classroom sets up does not allow for custom learning methods, so some children will lag behind. The lack of confidence comes from not being able to understand concepts as quickly as other students and shying away from speaking in class and engaging with other students. Hiring a tutor will allow your child to build confidence in different subjects and eventually engage in classroom lessons.


If your child is struggling in school it is your job as a parent to get them the help they need. A tutor can alleviate tons of pressure and get them back on track. Do not wait for the problem to get worse, starting early will increase the success of each lesson.